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is denied a spot Say Mr. Cruz becomes the Republican nominee, yet is denied a spot on the ballot in a state with a meaningful number of electoral votes. What does "is denied a spot on the ballot" mean? Should it be "is denied BY a spot"? thank you!
2016년 1월 19일 오후 9:07
Answers · 8
In general, "deny a spot" means that someone is prevented from having access to a place. Being denied a spot can be an active or passive process. for example: "Tony arrived at the restaurant on time, but Susan denied him a spot at the table." "Tony arrived at the restaurant late. All of the seats were taken, and he was denied a spot at the table." Usually, being a denied a spot refers to a location, literally. In the example you gave, it is a more figurative. His name would be prevented from appearing on the ballot.
2016년 1월 19일
In this context, a spot is a place (not a mark or stain). Hopefully that makes the meaning clearer.
2016년 1월 19일
Denied a spot on the ballot is correct. It means that the candidate is not able to appear on voters' ballots. I.e. They don't make the cut to be voted for. I guess that's the easiest way to explain it.
2016년 1월 19일
This means "if he is denied a place on the ballot."
2016년 1월 19일
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