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مريم Shannon
More randomly awesome darija questions! مرحبا بكم ، اهلا وسهلا والسلام عليكم انا محتاجة بشوي دالمساعدة باش نترجم هاد الجمل بالدارجة المغربية. وش كاين شي واحد يقدار يعاوني؟ كنشكرك بزاف الله يخليك يلا ترجمتي الجمل قول لي منين انت حيت كل منطقة عندا اللغة ديالها مبدلة شوي وبغيت نشوف الفرق :))) All of the sudden/tout d'un coup What does _ have to do with _? (Context: you're talking about a topic andthe person you're talking with says something and you don't understand how that which s/he said is related to what the topic is. Just because _ doesn't mean that _ (example: just because I might seem happy doesn't mean that I am not dealing with troubles of my own. OR: just because I'm American doesn't mean I support America's actions ---lol that ones true at least haha!) شكرا بزاف للمساعدة !
Jan 20, 2016 12:20 AM
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Salam Maryam, Here are my suggestions: ** All of the sudden/tout d'un coup = عـلـى غـفـلــة ** What does _ have to do with _? = ... آش جـاب ... لـ (It literally means "what did bring .... to ..." ) There is a very common expression that follows the same pattern: آش جـاب ... للـكـلام / للهضـرة = What does ... have to do with [ our conversation / what we have been talking about ]. ** Just because _ doesn't mean that _ : I usually find myself using a rhetorical question to express the same is idea: صـافي غيـر إلى/ حيث ... غادي ... ؟ Like in your example: " صـافي غيـر إلى كنت أنا مريكانيـة غادي نتفـق مع داكشي اللي كديـر الحكومـة ديـال المريكـان؟ " By the way, I'm from the south of Morocco, near the Western Sahara. So you probably already know that I'm not a very representative sample of "Moroccan Arabic", but I tried to include the most common expressions even if I don't use them myself.
January 22, 2016
Just because = غير حيتاش or غير لاحقاش doesn't mean that = هادشي مكايعنيش ان
January 20, 2016
غير حيتاش كانبان ليك فرحان هادشي مكايعنيش انني معنديش المشاكيل
January 20, 2016
مريم Shannon
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