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Does your country have restaurants that will serve all the food that you can eat? We have that type of restaurant here in the US. You can eat as much as you want. You can fill your plate as many times as you want to. I have heard that we are the fattest country on earth, except for maybe some small Pacific Island countries. If no other countries have this type of restaurant, then that is at least part of the answer.
Jan 20, 2016 12:38 AM
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Yes, It does. That type of restaurant is called buffet! First, you have to pay for the meal before you get in. They serve hundreds of different dishes. You could eat as much as you want. Have you ever tried buffet ?
January 20, 2016
We've had them in the UK for a few years now - generally help-yourself buffets of pasta/pizza/salads or Chinese or Indian food. The food never looks especially appetising. Most people would prefer a moderate amount of decent food rather than dried-up hot gloop that's been kept bubbling away for hours or limp over-chilled cold stuff that other diners have been poking around in. Give me quality over quantity any day.
January 20, 2016
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