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Can you help me to correct my mistakes:) ? do you think learning new languages is too important in the present time? In my opinion there are several powerful reasons to learn more than one language, at least two including your native language. First of all,learn the language of a country,will help you to discover its unique and interesting cultures in addition,delve deeper into its roots. Of course you can learn that from translated books,but then you are going to learn from very limited and narrow perspective,And not from the main source so it may be distorted. Second,it will give you a lot of opportunities to travel!Who donot want that?For example when you travel to foreign country, you must be fluent speaker otherwise, how will you adapt and connect with people there?Third, learn another language leads to expansion of yours views about the world and it will give you deeper understanding of how others think as a result you are going to be more compassionate and fight against the racism, is not something deserve to care about?
Jan 20, 2016 4:54 AM
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Ms. Zainad, Please post this in your notebook under "Community" above. For long corrections , that is the place : it has tools to help whoever wish to do corrections .
January 20, 2016
NOT 100% SURE BUT THIS IS MY ANSWER: Do you think learning new languages is very important in today's globalized world? In my opinion, there are some valid reasons to learn foreign languages, apart from your native language. First of all, learning the language of a particular country will help you discover its unique and interesting culture as well as its cultural origins. Although you can learn it from textbooks, your learning effectiveness is going to be limited because textbooks only give you a narrow perspective since they are not the original source of the language-learning process. Secondly,learning languages will give you many advantages when travelling overseas. For example, you must speak fluently or so, otherwise, you won't be able to adapt yourself and connect with the local people. Thirdly, learning another language can broaden your mind about the world and help you develop a deeper understanding of people's thinking and behaviour. In addition to, you are going to develop a keener appreciation of anti-racism, isn't that something worth fighting for?
January 20, 2016
Is that Ielts article ??
January 20, 2016
:( if you can help, please do:(
January 20, 2016
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