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In what context can I place a preposition in front of “today”, "this Friday" etc. I know these following sentences is wrong since there is no need to place a prep. before them That will officially start on this Friday. How are you feeling on today? But can I use a prep. before them in other sentences, as follows We will get this done by this Friday. The launch of this rocket has been scheduled for tomorrow. So, I want to know In what context I can place a preposition in front of “today”, "this Friday" etc.
Jan 20, 2016 6:14 AM
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Good question! I did a Google search, and think the only acceptable use of "to today" is when "today" = our current era. For example: "The study focuses on relations between the US and Europe from 1960 to today" If you said "I'll finish the work by today" is very unnatural. Better to say "by the end of the day" You may say "that's enough for today" (=let's finish), but "that's enough for the day" sounds more natural to me. "on today"? I don't think there's any acceptable use for that.
January 20, 2016
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