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VFR beds - what does it mean? Hello, italkiers! There is such term - visiting friends and relatives (VFR) as a type of tourism. Other types are pleasure tourism and business travel. Even knowing this, I saw a phrase that wasn't clear for me. The whole sentence is: "Hotel accommodation makes up only about 40% of total tourist accommodation, excluding VFR beds." What are VFR beds? Hotel rooms for those who came to visit friends or relatives?
Jan 20, 2016 11:02 AM
Answers · 2
VFR is a term used in the travel and tourism industry. In the sentence you are not sure about, the information relates to all tourist accommodation, but does not include information about "VFR" in its definition of "tourist accommodation". It is possible, for example, that 20% of visits were "VFR". If VFR visits had been included in the study, then the percentage of hotel visits in my example would be lower than 40% (in fact, 33%).
January 20, 2016
Let me guess. Of all the tourists visiting the place , only 40% sleeps in hotel beds , the rest sleeps in beds belonging to the friends or relatives they are visiting.
January 20, 2016
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