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Help!!!!?What does this dialogue mean? I am totally confused!! Many thanks to anyone who can explain it or just give me some hints A:Risotto. It's gay for rice, right? B:Yeah. Shrimp's gay for chicken.It is a part of some English subtitles. It donest make any sense, right?
Jan 20, 2016 12:04 PM
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This... makes no sense. Sometimes subtitles are automatically generated, meaning a machine does it. Those kinds of subtitles always have a lot of mistakes because they pick the word they think they hear, even if it doesn't make sense in that sentence.
January 20, 2016
This moment is complicated to explain because there's an important cultural thing happening. It's very common in the Western culture for close friends to tease each other. Sometimes it even sounds like friends are being very mean to each other- insulting each other, calling each other rude names, even swearing at each other. However, this is common and considered friendly, but only if you are so friendly that you are 100% sure the other person really does like you (so again, usually close friends.) There is a similar thing when a guy and girl want to flirt with each other. Sometimes, they will do things that seem a little rude or harsh: lightly make fun of each other, tease each other when the other messes up, etc. Often this transfers into getting more comfortable with each other because you can pretend to be mean as a playful way to touch each other and get more familiar: bumping into each other as you walk, maybe throwing a bit of food at the other, pushing each other, etc. The idea is to be only mean enough to be playful without making anybody really angry (maybe I'll touch my ice cream to your nose because it's easy to clean up, but I won't put it on your clothes). In this movie scene, Denise was trying to flirt and be playful in this way, but went to far and annoyed Drew. It's an excellent example of Western culture the includes relationship dynamics, sarcasm, maybe a bit of slang, and you learn about some food dishes as well. Excellent question, maybe one of the best I've ever seen here on iTalki so far. Hope that helps.
January 29, 2016
While subtitles can be wrong as Hilary suggests, this one is not. It's a very clever, subtle joke that is complicated to explain. I will try though. This quote is from the Scrubs finale show in Season 9. Drew and Denise are friends who are having problems with each other. Denise wants to try living together but Drew isn't sure he's ready for that. It's a little too much, too fast - so these statements happen during this tense conflict. Denise asks what Drew is eating: DREW: "It's a wild mushroom and shrimp risotto." [this is a dish, perhaps a little fancy] DENISE: "Risotto - it's gay for rice. Right?" [Denise uses "gay" like it's a language, as in "It's Spanish for rice" or "It's Chinese for rice." She's teasing him about having fancy tastes, but also suggesting he might be "gay" - either literally, meaning he's a homosexual, or figuratively, meaning he's silly, foolish, or weak. It's important to note that this second meaning is becoming very unpopular among young people, but it was very common slang five or ten years ago: "I can't believe he said that; it was SO gay!" would mean "I think what he said was very stupid." Either way, her comment would be distasteful for most people- many men still don't like to be thought as 'gay' when they aren't (when they're "straight") and they don't like rude things to be directed at those who are gay.} DREW: "Yeah - and shrimp is gay for chicken." [Here, Drew is using very heavy sarcasm to disapprove of her comment by saying "I think your comment is very stupid, so I'm going to agree with you {"yeah"} and then suggest you should also believe that chicken and shrimp are the same thing because you are so foolish {"yeah, if risotto means rice in the 'gay' language, then shrimp would mean chicken in the 'gay' language."} He could be angry about being called gay or that Denise made a very rude comment about people in the gay lifestyle. Either way, the important thing is her friendly teasing was misunderstood and made him angry.
January 29, 2016
Merlyn's answer is right on the money. Also, this is a pretty funny joke.
January 27, 2016
*For a native English speaker.....
January 20, 2016
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