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Difference what is the difference between jogeum - jageun (a little) majimag-jinan (last) gyeou-gaggaseuro (barely) ga - dagaga - dagagaboBtw, I made other entry, but there's a photo in it so I can't post it to 'question' entry. if you interested in novel you can check it it's a visual novel games by cheritz.
Jan 21, 2016 3:12 AM
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조금 vs 작은: 조금 means a little quantity/dose 작은 means small in form factor 마지막 vs 지난: 마지막 means the last from a certain amount 지난 literally means past. 지난밤 = last(past) night 겨우 vs 가까스로: Both are similar, but the latter is more "desperate" and mostly related to time. 가다 vs 다가가다 vs 다가가보다 가다 = to go 다가가다 = to approach 다가가보다 = to make an attempt to approach Pretty much every verb can be combined with "보다", resulting in "to make an attempt to [verb]"
January 21, 2016
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