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How to get away from my chinese accent? I have seen many foreign TV series but it doesn't seems to help, my spoken English still with an accent and not fluent enough. It do really bother me.
Jan 21, 2016 4:37 AM
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It's very difficult to get rid of your accent. Children who immigrate to an English-speaking country before they reach 10 years old can get rid of their accent but for the rest of us - the non-native speakers, it's nearly impossible. My advice is if you REALLY get uncomfortable with your accent, you can take an accent-reducing course online but it's not 100% because it just reduce your accent to an acceptable level.
January 21, 2016
Lots of people are concerned with their accents. While some effort is needed to pronounce words correctly, it is really not necessary to get rid of your accent. I love to hear English spoken with an accent, I find them charming and beautiful. What is a little tricky is that different languages have different sets of sounds called phonemes. Many phonemes are shared between languages but many are not shared and these are the sounds that cause the most trouble and confusion. When working on pronunciation keep in mind that there are many words in English that sound similar and if you are not getting the pronunciation right the listener may not recognize the word or confuse it with another. If you focus on these words it will make learning pronunciation easier. Don't even think about getting rid of your accent - first because it is actually very very difficult to do and second because accents are beautiful. There is a lot more to say about how the mind and senses work around hearing and producing sounds but if you do some work with phonemes and identify frequently mispronounced words (for your native language) you should be able to find sources to help. Do some internet searches to see what you can find. Many online dictionaries have audio pronunciation links and if you have a voice recorder you can record your voice and compare it the the online audio. Yo may be surprised how different you voice sounds in your head and when you play back a recording of it.
January 21, 2016
I've met an English teacher while traveling and he was really focus on teaching his students how to get rid of their accent. I was a bit curious about that since I got an accent myself. His method is really easy. You have to listen to audio, music, movie or whatever you like and repeat after them while recording yourself. That's the only way to be aware of your own pronunciation. Anyway, do it until you are satisfied with your pronunciation. This method takes time, you will need quite a lot of practise :)
January 21, 2016
If your accent is very bothersome to you, there are vocal coaches available, as to their cost, I'd have no idea, but they do reduce accents quite well.
January 21, 2016
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