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Lam and Nhieu in Vietnamese? Hi, When should I use the word LAM and NHIEU in Vietnamese? For example, Anh thich em Lam, or Anh thich em what is incorrect and when should i use them? Also,,, what is the difference for NHA QUE or BINH DAN? Why do they call it COM BINH DAN instead of COM NHA QUE? Thanks - Anh Tay dien living in Hanoi. haha
Jan 21, 2016 8:26 AM
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the both of "anh thich em lam" and "anh thich em nhieu" is correct. you can use two of them in the same situation. "com binh dan" mean that is a restaurant for every one with cheap price. vietnamese students, workers, street vendors ...usually eat in this restaurant. "com nha que" mean that the kind of food what farmers eat in village. This kind of food is cook by natural meat, fishs and animals and have a lot of vegetable.
January 21, 2016
Nhà quê use when you talk about something or some body come from village, often with negative meaning: đồ nhà quê; sometimes the user want to express their modest feelling: chúng em nhà quê bình dị vậy thôi; Bình dân: means 1: a nomal style in society: phong cách bình dân; hàng bình dân; 2: one class in society with nomal style, dont have much asset, but not poor.
January 21, 2016
Richard, Lắm and Nhiều are quite similar. But diffirent in some examples: - can use rất nhiều - mean very much, can't use rất lắm. For ex: anh thích em rất nhiều. Cô ấy nói rất nhiều; anh thích em lắm. Nói lắm quá. Ăn lắm quá... - nhiều can use both in writting and speaking. Lắm often use in speaking than writting. - can use both nhiều and lắm in one sentence: nhà ấy nuôi nhiều gà lắm. In this sentence, lắm is not necessary, but it make the meaning more clearly. - nhiều is much popular than lắm.
January 21, 2016
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