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"The Silos genuinely break down with Subito" what does this mean? Need your urgent help with this. This is an adv. about a product. The context says it helps with better communication and cooperation with customers and clients, and better communication means less errors, then this sentence follows. What could this possibly mean? silos: suggests isolation, or hackers or what?
21 Oca 2016 11:04
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I assume Subito is a brand name? Or maybe a technique? I've never heard of it. Silos is a quite new word. It is used to refer to semi-isolated work groups within (typically) a company, but it could be any situation where people don't communicate adequately, and therefore don't perform as well as they could. A typical example was when Sony bought out two different digital walkman products, because there were two different engineering teams working on the same product, who did not collaborate, and competed instead, and bought out two inferior products. It can also happen with government departments that should be working for the public good, but don't communicate or work together, because they are in bureaucratically different departments.
21 Ocak 2016
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