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是否可以经过中国社交网站联系中文,交新朋友? 我不太理解中国社交网站,所以我想多休息一会。我觉得那儿可以交好多对欧洲感兴趣的朋友
Jan 21, 2016 12:23 PM
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是否可以经过中国社交网站 练习(联系) 中文,交新朋友? 我不太 了解(理解) 中国社交 的 网站, 所以我想多 休息 一会。 I don't know what "休息" means here. 我觉得那儿可以交好多对欧洲感兴趣的朋友 some popular Chinese social network qq and wechat are two most popular Instant Messaging software in china,you can search it in google play. a website like twitter. a website like quora
January 21, 2016
是的。 你可以注册微博, 微信。 they're apps that you may download on your phone.
January 21, 2016
Hello ,if you are really looking forward to someone who knows Chinese social network like the back of his hand or who is interested in Western cultures .i'd like to help you out about anything you didint know.please let me know if you make up ur mind !
January 23, 2016
здравствуте! я учу русский язык !давай познакомимтся !我在学习俄语,让我们成为朋友吧!
January 25, 2016
January 21, 2016
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