how can i manage my time? I'm too busy. i have a lot of works to do such as my project, university courses and learning English but for saving time i think for a while i should give up my English class which is disaster for me,can you help me? is there any way to continue English?
Oct 11, 2008 8:38 AM
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its question many learners have been asking, how to improve my english and are there any tips or secrets. but i think the answer has to be no. usually it costs you quite a while ( years maybe) to master it. i once taught an HS students english, he was really not good at anything, including english. his mum wanted him to improve it or master it in ONE MONTH. i tried and both of us worked really hard together, a lot of exercises and time put into it, still didnt work well because basically he didnt have a big vocab, so like building a house, if you dont have enough concrete, its really really hard or impossible to build it up. so just take your time, even only 30 minutes one day for english, your language will be very good one day! dont give up though. once you put it away, it will be harder to pick it up again. good luck!
October 11, 2008
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