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This river flows down into the Taiwan Strait./"from/in" the Longman Dictionary 1. This river flows down into the Taiwan Strait. -My teacher said “down” here is redundant because a river surely flows DOWN into the sea, not UP into the sea. But, I found a sentence in the Oxford English Dictionary like this-“It’s here that the river flows down into the ocean.” Apparently, the expression of “a river flows down into a sea or any ocean” is OK. Do you agree? 2. (1)THE Longman Dicionary says... (2)I learned a new word "from/in" THE Longman Dictionary. -Which preposition is correct? Should I add an the before "Longman Dictionary"?
Jan 22, 2016 9:48 AM
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The word "down" can redundant , if you can omit . It means the same . The river flows into the sea . The river flows down from this mountain into the sea. Down > give a sense of downward motion of something ( from some place) “It’s here that the river flows down into the ocean > Its HERE That the river flows DOWN into the ocean. THE Longman Dictionary says... Ok . There is only one Longman dictionary. Learned a new word from THE Longman Dictionary. > learn a new word that you don't know by looking for it in the dictionary . Learned a new word in THE Longman Dictionary.> learn the word that has just been newly added to the dictionary .
January 22, 2016
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