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What is the difference between l'annee and annee? What is more common to say?
22 de ene de 2016 16:28
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The word L' is used to replace ''Le'' and it is comparable to the word ''the'' in the English vocabulary. It is necessary to use them to make a complete correct sentence. The apostrophe (') is a sign used to replace a vowel. So when the word following it starts with a vowel you need to use the short version of ''Le'' For example, Année starts with a vowel, so you need to use L'année. Le année makes no sense and it's grammatically incorect. A correct sentence would be : L'année dernière a été amusante. (The last year was fun) Here is a short list of word to help you understand the right way to use it. Le chien ( the dog) Le repas ( the meal) Le chanteur ( the signer) L'animal (the animal) L'arche (the arch) L'image (the image) Notice the first letters after the L' or Le, it's the key to use that word correctly.
24 de Enero de 2016
If it can help, you can compare that to english. Roughly : Year = année The year = L'année This year = Cette année A year = Une année It all comes to what you want to say.
23 de Enero de 2016
It depends on what you want to say. For example "L'année dernière j'avais 19ans", "L'année 2016 nous réserve des surprises", "L'année 1792 marque la fin de la monarchie absolue en France". In that case " L' " express a fact that occured this "année" in particular. "La nouvelle année", "Cette année j'ai des examens". I think in that case it's more general. I hope I helped you and that an other french-speaking will try to explain it better than I did ... Your question is hard (at least for me) to answer.
22 de Enero de 2016
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