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Translation to Japanese : Hi, I came back in Belgium. Hello, How to say in Japanese : Hi, I came back in Belgium. ? Bonjour, Comment dire en japonais : Salut, je suis rentré en Belgique. ? Thank you for your help. Merci pour votre aide. Arigato David
23 janv. 2016 05:12
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Hi:) "Hi, I came back in Belgium" Casual↓ "やあ、ベルギーに戻ってきたよ。" Yaa, berugi― ni modotte kitayo. Firm way of speaking↓ "こんにちは、ベルギーに戻ってきました。" Konnnichiwa, berugi― ni modotte kimasita.
23 janvier 2016
David, The sentence you provided is a bit unclear. I provided a few translations that may help. I am not that good at Japanese, so you may want someone to review the following, but I believe them to be correct. If I were introducing myself to someone I had never met, this is how I would write it. こんいちわ,デイビッドーさん. Konnichiwa Davido-san. (Hello, David) わたしはベルギーにいきます。 Watashi wa Belgium ni ikimasu. (I will go to Belgium). or 私はベルギーにもどりました。 Watashi wa Belgium ni modorimashita. (I returned to Belgium). or 私はベルギーにからかえってきました。 watashi wa, Belgium ni kara kaette kimashita. (I came back from Belgium). *Please let me know if you have any trouble with this answer. Also I might mention, the word "watashi" is written in Hiragana in the first sentance and Kanji in the remaining two. I hope this didn't confuse you.
23 janvier 2016
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