what do you think about the benefit of knowing another language? please read this before answering two mice sat in their hole watching Cat Lurk otside."ı know how to make Cat go away"said the first mouse."how?" the second mouse asked in surprise."watch!Bow, bow!!!" barked the first mouse .peering through their hole in the wall, they saw Cat runnig away in fear."ah, see the benefit of kmowing another language!"
Oct 11, 2008 2:48 PM
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Haha, that's great! Here in Mexico there was an ad for an English course similar to that joke: A burglar enters to a house in the night, when there is nobody. He silently gets into the living room, and then he suddenly hears some fierce barks. Obviously, the man goes out very quickly, and then the shot is opened to show that the dog is sleeping, and it was the parrot that made all of the sounds!! It was quite hilarious!!
October 12, 2008
it can help you in a big way. you can use it to learn other people's culture and traditions. and in a practical way, you can use it when you try and get a job or when your in an emergency in another country. or like in your example, you can use it in you defense, just like what lawyers do. but for me,learning a different language can help you have friends around the world.
October 11, 2008
Once upon a time there were two Bulgarian shepherds. One day a foreigner passed through them and asked them something in English. The shepherds didn’t understand him. Then the foreigner asked in German, then in French, Italian… The shepherds didn’t understand anything. They talked only in Bulgarian. The foreigner continued his way without help. One of the sharps said “So, we have to learn some foreign languages to be able to understand people.” “No, we don’t. You see, that man knows so many languages, did he understand us?”
October 11, 2008
can help you know another country's culture can travel to other places (I like traveling) can talk gossip with someone confidentially can get a good job one practical skill may save your life in future
October 11, 2008
More than a language does have a lot of help
October 11, 2008
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