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Do u feel fulfill? What does happiness mean to you? This is very common and old question. But I like it. I m happy but I m not fulfill. Because I m still on my way to my dream. And people around me always ask me what is my happiness. So I think happiness should be what I think. But today, I want to hear ur answers.
Jan 23, 2016 2:31 PM
Answers · 18
I remenber that i wrote something like this one.: I think that the definition of happiness is not exclusive, Just is a kind of inner feelings. My personal view: 1) The satisfaction of Physical ,maybe its Full of food in the stomach,maybe a glass of wine,sometimes its a kiss etc. Derived from the physical satisfaction 2) The satisfaction of psychological, maybe its the music ,maybe its the success of the business or honor or respect. 3)The satisfaction of feelings ,maybe its love or friedly ,form your friends or family or lover or colleuges or other peoper or youself 4)The satisfaction of soul,maybe its Religious beliefs or Cultural education,In all can let you feel the peace and quiet of the soul. I hope everyone be happiness!
January 24, 2016
I agree with you that being happy does not necessarily mean that someone is fulfilled. I don't think that we have to reach our goals to be happy. Happiness is a state of mind and we can choose to be happy at every stage of our lives. Happiness is enjoying the journey to the destination of fulfillment.
January 23, 2016
I really like everyone's answers for this. "I'm happy but not fulfilled because I'm still on the way to my dream" stood out to me. I think that the journey towards your aspirations is where you can find happiness and fulfillment, rather than sacrificing your joy in the present moment for hope of a better future. No imagined outcome will ever bring long-lasting happiness, that can only be achieved in the present. So I believe that finding a way to be satisfied with how things are in the present, whether or not you have achieved a certain goal, is the key to being happy and fulfilled. Besides, what fun is a life where you've achieved everything? You'd have nothing to work towards and nothing would feel special!
January 26, 2016
If i didn't fulfill my goals I wouldn't be fully happy because i will always think about them and how to achieve them
January 23, 2016
I like your question~I think that do anything can enrich your mindset is the way to fulfill yourself.Finding the meanings of our life can make us to find the happiness.For example ,achieving my dream and helping people as much as I can make me feel fulfilling.Maybe you can watch a movie which can give you different thought of finding the happiness in the life,it's name is "Hector and the search for happiness".
January 23, 2016
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