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What does "on and off the record" mean? I've read it in an interview. "Did you know that Obama was going to come up and shake your hand? No. It’s not customary for a head of state to plan shaking hands with a foreign minister. That’s even an insult for a head of state to plan. Obama had spoken to the General Assembly two hours earlier, and we did not expect him to be back in the Assembly Hall. As I was getting out, President Obama, I don’t know for what reason, was entering the General Assembly Hall, and we simply ran into each other. On and off the record, it was an accident."
Jan 23, 2016 5:27 PM
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on the record = you may quote me and tell people it was I who said it off the record = confidentially, don't tell people I said this
January 23, 2016
As John from the US of A says, quote me/it's official (on the record) or I'll tell YOU but don't say I said it/I'll deny I said it! (off the record). The speaker was being amusing, I think. He said it was private information, AND for the public! Sort of witty/funny.
January 23, 2016
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