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should I use "This" or "it" ? I have sentences as following: Besides, imported goods have challenged the dominance of domestic manufacturers and intensified competition, thereby lowering product prices. This(It) is beneficial to domestic consumers. In the second sentence, the word "this" or "it" refer to the fact mentioned in the first sentence. I am confused which word I should use? What the difference between "this" and "it" in such a situation? Thank you!
2016年1月24日 08:41
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I personally would use "'this' as in this competition is beneficial......" I think in this case "it" and "this" could both be used; although, I would expand the second sentence to be more specific depending on the word you settle upon to use.
The pronoun should be 'This'. 'It' usually refers to a single entity, rather than a whole situation.
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