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help with my translation please I translated five sentence tonight. Please help me the check whether they are all right. 1.监控系统出现故障,导致数据丢失。 Monitoring system malfunction results in data loss. 2.立即购买移动硬盘,由保安队长每天对监控数据进行备份,数据至少保留30天。 Purchase mobile hard disk immediately, and the security chief should back-up the monitoring data everyday.In addition, the data should be retained for at least 30 days. 3.对保安培训不到位。 Security training is not sufficient. 4.立即对保安进行培训并考核,所有人员进入厂区必须全程佩戴访客证。 Conduct training and assessment for security immediately. The personnel to enter the factory must wear a visitor badge 5.安全主任进行不定期检查 Safety officer conducts unscheduled inspections Thank you so much.
Jan 24, 2016 5:35 PM
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Here's a general tip : Look carefully at each noun you have written. Ask yourself whether you need to put an article before the noun. Remember that plural and uncountable nouns don't need to be preceded by an article - singular countable nouns do. Go back over your sentences, and make sure that all singular countable nouns have an appropriate article before them. Then repost your question.
January 24, 2016
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