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Can anyone help me with my hiragana homework? なに だれ どこ どちら いつ どう I'm a beginner in Japanese and I have my very first piece of homework. My tutor has asked me to find the Japanese words for what, who, where, which, when and how and I've been forced to use the internet as my genki textbook has not yet arrived in the post. Could someone please help me and let me know if the below translations are correct? and if not, what are the correct answers? What? - なに Who? - だれ Where? - どこ Which? - どちら When - いつ How? - どう Thanks in advance for any help. It's much appreciated!
Jan 24, 2016 8:50 PM
Answers · 2
You got them all right! どちら can be either "which one", (polite) "where", or (polite) "who". The normal word for it is "どれ". "How" has two forms (at least). "どう" is used in situations like, "how is this?" (どう ですか?) or "what do you think about this?" (どう おもいますか?) The other "how" (どうやって) is for situations like, "how do you do this?" (どうやって これを しますか?)I guess you could translate it as, "by what means". So I think your teacher would prefer you learned them like this (you can ignore the words in brackets for now): What? - なに Who? - だれ (どちらさま) Where? - どこ (どちら) Which? - どれ(どちら) When - いつ How? - どう/どうやって
January 24, 2016
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