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Traditional British food What kind of food do British kids usually eat?
Jan 25, 2016 7:14 AM
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Bill has given a funny and sad snapshot of contemporary Britain, but there are of course many different sides (or cultural and socio-economic subgroups) within Britain. Going back to your question, the key words are "traditional" and "kids". Bill's kids are teenagers. For the kind of traditional fare that a middle class mother provides at home, perhaps looking at children between 4 and 11 gives a truer picture. Regarding "traditional", how traditional is "traditional"? Cereals, toast and milk for breakfast? A sandwich for lunch? Some meat with two vegetables with brown gravy for dinner? That is traditional. The contemporary family may go for a salad and pasta (cf. Jamie Oliver). The full English breakfast, the Sunday roast, the pies and puddings…these have given way in many households to continental food or curry. Anyway, here is a link to some traditional British food (pea soup, pork pie, etc), and you still see some households eating this kind of food:
January 25, 2016
fish and chips! (yummy!)
January 29, 2016
All the world favorite fast foods, Pizza, Hamburgers, Chips, Pasta, Curry, Sausages, fish fingers (a sort of processed fish in a batter or breadcrumbs), crisps, fizzy drinks, cereals. Then the dull stuff; cheese, bread, potatoes, sweat corn, carrots, peas, beans Things where they need "help" vegetables, especially broccoli and brussel sprouts
January 25, 2016
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