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relate please let me know the diff of below sentences 1. they are related to.......... 2. they are relating to........ 3. they relate to........
25 de ene de 2016 13:04
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"X is related to Y". Here, "related" is a quality that X possesses, and means that there is a direct connection between X and Y. If X and Y are people, than it means that they are members of the same family. If X and Y are objects, it either means that the two objects are used together, or that they both do the same type of action. "X is relating to Y". Here, "relating" is a verb that means "acting as if related" or "becoming closer to". With people, relating typically means that they are talking to each other and enjoying their time, so that they are becoming friends. Relating is rarely used with objects, and if it is used, will have specialized meanings depending on the specific objects in the sentence. "X relates to Y". Here, "relate"/"relates" is also a verb, but the meaning is different. If X and Y are people, it means that person X can understand the feelings and emotions of person Y in the current situation, as if they were close friends or family (even if they are not). If X and Y are objects or ideas, "relate" means that the two objects or ideas are used in a similar context. I apologize on behalf of the English language if this is confusing.
25 de Enero de 2016
1. They are related to: This means a familial tie. This can be in relation to the human families, animal species or even plant species. It means there is a physical bond. For example: "Whilst I am not related to my husband, I am related to my cousins son. My cats are also related to the wild lions of Africa. Also pencil lead is closely related to diamonds (I think?) 2. They are relating to: This is usually used when talking about another discussion that is separate from the current one. An example of this would be "I spoke to my friend about their trip and they were relating to me their ordeal with the taxi fare." It can sometimes be used interchangeably with the word "referring" as in "they are referring to". 3. They relate to: The meaning of this is very much dependent on the context. Normally it is more sympathetic towards the person you are speaking to. "I can relate to what you are saying, my hot water turned off once also"
25 de Enero de 2016
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