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Where can I find French/Belgium bandes-dessinées in North America? I recently started reading the Valérian sci-fi/space opera series and was able to find some volumes on amazon for delivery in the US: [ ]. Not only are these great for helping you learn French, but I find the stories to be fun and entertaining as well. Unfortunately the stock on Amazon (and indeed most American online bookstores) for Franco-Belgium comics in their original non-translated forms is quite sparse. Does anyone know how to get these in North America, perhaps via Canadian importers or other online retailers?
Jan 26, 2016 3:49 AM
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On, you can order any book you want from any bookstore in the world that has it in stock. Enter an author name, a keyword from the title, or both. Choose the language of the book you're looking for -- English, French, Italian, Dutch, German, or Spanish. Then pick a shipping destination and a currency. Click "Search". Voilà! You get a list of all the books that match your search. Click on a title and you'll see all the online bookstores that carry that book, either new or used. The price noted includes shipping to the destination you chose. The cheapest new copy of Valérian, tome 2, L'Empire des mille planètes, costs US$19.56 (shipping to the US included) from a French-language bookstore listed on This is an incredibly useful website to order any kind of book you want from wherever you live. Have fun!
January 26, 2016
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