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hour - 钟头 一个钟头 一个小时 Can I use the first one in spoken/written Mandarin? Is it understandable? Is it common? Is it commonly used in certain areas of China (apart from Guangdong)?
26 يناير 2016 04:04
Answers · 11
For all your four questions,the short answer is yes. But notice,小时is more formal.For instance,you always find a 小时 in newspapers,or CCTV News. Besides I think if you say 一个钟 to people who don't speak Cantonese,he MAY not understand you.Or he may,that depends. Certainly if you say 一个钟头, people know what you mean.
26 يناير 2016
they are some things
26 يناير 2016
1 yes, but usually used in spoken Mandarin 2 yes, they have the same meaning 3 yes 4 yes
26 يناير 2016
5 فبراير 2016
26 يناير 2016
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