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How do you say this in Korean How do you say "Could you type that?" in Korean? Like during a Skype call and then asking someone to type something in the chat box.
Jan 26, 2016 5:36 AM
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written: 그거 좀 쳐 줘. spoken: [그거 좀/쫌 처줘/처조] * [ ] this is how to pronounce, which you can see in the dictionary. 그거 좀 써 줘 is also ok. 쓰다 is to write. On skype, it works. standard: 키보드를 누르다. colloquial: 키보드를 치다 ( 打电话 in Chinese, 전화를 '걸다' in Korean. '치다' is '打'.) I want you to typewrite what you said just before. 친구에게- 금방 말한 거 좀 쳐 줘. 선생님에게- 금방 말한 거 좀 쳐 줘요/주세요. or in short, "쳐 줘/써 줘." / "쳐 주세요/써 주세요.."
January 26, 2016
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