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What is the English word for... ... people who like to make fuss in the internet demanding action from the others without doing anything themselves? Usually there are many of them where politics is being discussed. TIA
Jan 26, 2016 2:03 PM
Answers · 7
Someone who posts controversial things just to incite people is generally called a "troll" (most popular) or a "flame-baiter" (less popular) and the act itself would be called "trolling" or "flame-baiting".
January 26, 2016
An armchair critic is someone who offers advice but never shows that they could actually do any better.
January 27, 2016
Oh, I think i have an answer to my question:
January 26, 2016
There isn't a proper English term for them as it's a relatively new concept (past decade). I suppose as Olga said couch politicians has a nice ring to it but it doesn't suit every situation.
January 26, 2016
In Hungary we have a similar expression which is: couch commenter:)
January 26, 2016
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