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Wǒ shì... Hi, in mandarin if i wanna say "I'm American" i might say: Wo shi mei guo ren. Then my question is, in case I'm from another country, I'd have to say the name of the country and then add 'ren' that means people, right? Ex: I'm American = Wo shi mei guo ren. 我是美国人。 I'm Costa rican= Wo shi gesidalijia ren. 我是哥斯达黎加人 I'm Australian= Wo shi aodaliya ren. 我是澳大利亚人。 Basic question, but i just wanna make sure cuz all programs only explain how to say 'I'm american' :)
Jan 26, 2016 2:04 PM
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you are absolutely right !
January 26, 2016
July 17, 2016
Absolutely right.
January 28, 2016
What's cool in Chinese is that this pattern is not only used for countries, but is also used for other places as well such as cities or provinces. For example, 我是北京人 means "I'm from Beijing." or 我是四川人 means "I'm from Sichuan province."
January 28, 2016
aha, you are cute, yes you are right, because "美国" is a noun, only express "The country of American", "美国人" is also a noun, only express "The people of American". This doesn't like English, the word "American" can express "The country of American" and "The people of the American"
January 27, 2016
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