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How can I translate 'I've been something all weekend" into French Just to give you some examples of what I mean, I wanted to say this in a french conversation, referring to an essay I'm working on: "I have been doing it all weekend" So I tried to say "j'ai été le faire tout le weekend" But that's wrong isn't it? My exchange parter looked confused anyway.. This question also goes for any verb used in that contruction: "I have been working/trying/playing" ect Many thanks in advance!
26 gen 2016 14:24
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I think that "the present perfect continuous" doesn't exist in French so you may just use "le passé compose" and say for example Je l'ai fait tout le week end J'ai travaillé tout le week end J'ai joué tout le week end J'ai essayé tout le week end
26 gennaio 2016
This is precisely something you **cannot** say in French!
27 gennaio 2016
Sahar is right. To say that you worked on **something** all week-end, though, you would have to add a little something: J'ai travaillé dessus tout le week-end. ("I worked on it all week-end." As in "This essay is giving me headaches, I worked on it all week-end.") OR J'ai travaillé là-dessus tout le week-end. (I worked on this all week-end.) "Là-dessus" means literally "thereon", but it's far less formal than thereon in English. You would pronounce it "là-d'sus". As for "J'ai été le faire tout le weekend", it would be confusing to a French speaker because "J'ai été + V" sounds like it means "I went to + V". Your sentence would therefore be interpreted as "I went to do it all week-end," which sounds as awkward in French as it does in English. :)
27 gennaio 2016
Le progressive: You can say " J'ai été en train de le faire tout le wekeend '' or ''J'ai été en le faisant tout le wekeend''
26 gennaio 2016
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