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What does " depersonalize" mean in this context? Interviewer: Continuing our: conversation now with Pat Buchanan, Pat- uh: to put it as gently as I ca:n there're some people fairly high up in this administration who seem to be able to contain their enthusiasm for you,.hhh And every once in a while stories crop up in the press and that one can only assume come from some those folk. How does that sort of thing happen in an administration? It is possible that the design of the final question unintentionally encourages Buchanan to begin his response as he does. Perhaps to soften what is plainly a face-threatening subject, the interviewer depersonalizes the question somewhat by asking how "that sort of thing" can happen, and this may license Buchanan's decision to talk initially about the larger history of Reagan administration leaks.
27 янв. 2016 г., 3:50
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To make less personal. Relate it less to himself.
27 января 2016 г.
Youre welcome! Did that help?
27 января 2016 г.
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