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Cut me some slack! / Give me a break! I have a question about the phrase below.. Mom: Hey,son.why haven't you swept the floors or dusted like i asked you to? Son: Mom, just cut me some slack!. I have been studying for weeks and i don't still understand all the material.I'm so stressed. I'll do it later,please.. In the above dialogue, the phrase "cut me some slack", Would it be okay to replace it with this phrase "give me a break". I'm not sure if i understand correctly but i think those two phrases have the similar meaning like "don't give me a hard time or treat me in a harsh way".. Please,leave some comment... Thank you very much..
Jan 27, 2016 9:09 AM
Answers · 4
You're right that these two phrases could be interchangeable in this situation. The meaning isn't exactly the same, though. 'Give me a break' is a fairly literal idiom, and has the sense of 'Leave me alone', or 'Quit bugging me'. 'Cut me some slack' is more idiomatic, and more precise. 'Slack' is the opposite of 'tight'. The image is one of a rope. If you imagine two climbers holding on to a rope, if the climber who has control of the rope cuts the other one some slack they they are loosening their hold and giving the other person more rope to use. When we use the phrase idiomatically, it means to be less strict with someone. For example, if an employee is having problems at home, his/her boss might 'cut them some slack' by being less demanding on them than usual. In your example, the boy is asking his mum to 'back off' a bit (another idiom there) and make allowances for the fact that he's under stress with his schoolwork.
January 27, 2016
Yes! Those 2 would be interchangable there. Also, your definition of what it means is pretty accurate.
January 27, 2016
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