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Adrian 阿弟仔
悩まずに生きることさ - help figuring out how this sentence works Hello! This sentence from a Lion King song is super confusing to me. I'm a total beginner so I might be biting off more than I can chew here, but could you help me understand what each part of the sentence is doing? 1) is 悩む transitive? then 生きること is the object?? 2) if it's intransitive, what does 生きること do exactly here? Can you think of a simpler sentence with a similar structure? 3) what's the function of this に? Thanks a lot!!!
27 de ene de 2016 9:47
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悩む - to be worried; It is intransitive in this case, since it does not take an object. Next, notice the form of the verb: 悩まず = 悩まない - to not be worried. The particle に turns the former verb phrase into an adverbial phrase. It's describing the manner of the next action, which is: 生きる - to live. So what we have so far is 悩まずに生きる - "To live without worry." Finally the particle こと turns a verb into a noun, so, instead of "to live" it becomes "living." Putting it all together you have "living without worry(ing)." In the context of the story, I assume this came during the song "Hakuna Matata" and the phrase you provided is the explanation of that. That's the best I know how to explain it and since you are a beginner, I would suggest switching to something a bit simpler in grammatical structure. However, watching movies is great practice. I hope you understood my explanation. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.
28 de Enero de 2016
Adrian 阿弟仔
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