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Questions about "evoke&invoke" & “remarkable”. Thank you! 1. In the sentence, "Many American candidates invoke the horrors of 9-11 in order to evoke the feeling of patriotism", if simply looking at the phrase "evoke the feeling of patriotism", is it the same as "invoke the feeling of patriotism"? I want to know whether "evoke" and "invoke" can be interchangeable when referring to "bring up a certain feeling". 2. In the sentence, "Traditional crafts remain remarkably unchanged by the slow incursion of modern ways", does "remarkably" mean "surprisingly"? if not, how would you understand it? Thanks a lot!
Jan 27, 2016 2:15 PM
Answers · 9
"invoke" is quite different to "evoke". To invoke means to bring up a topic in order to support your idea. Lawyers will invoke laws in court. At the moment, there is an election in America and many candidates invoke religion to get support. Scientists may invoke evidence when arguing for their theory. Evoke means to bring up a memory or thought. For example, I am from New Zealand, and watching "Lord of the Rings" evokes my homeland! You can also say, the comedian's dirty joke evoked disgust in the audience. This modern Chinese painting evokes calligraphy for me. Regarding "remarkably", in the context of your sentence you are absolutely right: the word means "surprisingly". It's a bit stronger and more formal but you could absolutely replace "remakably" with "surprisingly" and the meaning would be identical.
January 28, 2016
1. You may use either for that meaning , but "invoke" is more direct, and "evoke" is more of a subtle or indirect bringing to mind, in this case collectively. Your example is actually a good demonstration of the differences. 2. "Remarkable" need not be surprising. It can have an element of that, as in your example, but it can also mean "noteworthy" or "memorable"(as in "that was a remarkable party").
January 27, 2016
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