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The new door of the house / the door of the new house Hey community, I'm currently learning genitiv sentences. My book says the adjective referring to the main word goes last. -> بابُ البَيتِ الجَميلُ // The new door of the house So far, so good. But what if I want the genitiv word to have an adjective? Would it simply be بابُ البَيتِ الجَميلِ for "The door of the new house"? Or what about both? Would بابُ البَيتِ الجَميلِ الجَميلُ be correct for "the new door of the new house"? :D Thank you in advance! (: Romina
Jan 27, 2016 6:01 PM
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Well , this is really a very good question , and it seems you know Arabic very well :) But first of all : ( الجميل ) means : ( the beautiful ) , not : ( the new ) my partners said :) So , there are two ways to say this : 1- You can simply say , as you said , : ( باب البيتِ الجديدِ ) , so : the adjective : ( الجديدِ ) refers to : ( البيتِ ) . 2- Or : if you want to say : both of them are new , then you can say : ( ِالباب الجديدُ , للبيت الجديد ) . And you are very welcome :)
January 28, 2016
Actually "جميل" means "Beautiful " and not "new". The Arabic word for " new" is "جديد" Any way, the new door of the house = بابُ البيتِ الجديدُ The door of the new house = بابُ البيتِ الجديدِ The new door of the new house = I think you can say بابُ البيتِ الجديدِ الجديدُ but it feels kind of weird , I don't know hahaha
January 27, 2016
"The new door of the house" > باب المنزل الجديد OR بابُ البَيتِ الجَديد (here they mean the new door not the house) "The door of the new house" > باب المنزل الجديد (here they mean the new house) I know they both look similar but they have different meaning. "the beautiful" means "الجميل" I hope I helped :)
February 2, 2016
You made me confused with this! :D But first, new means جديد in Arabic, جميل means beautiful. So, let's rewrite them: 1- The new door of the house: could be translated into: باب المنزل الجديد /الباب الجديد للمنزل 2- the new door of the new house : الباب الجديد للمنزل الجديد
January 27, 2016
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