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Rafaella Rubens
what is the correct use of 상품/제품 ? Also, what is the difference between: ~ 구매하다/사다 ~ 가격/값 ~ 배송되다/ 보내다 ~ 판매되다/팔다 I saw some of those words in an article and I realized I already knew another way of saying it most of them. So, in the end, whats is the difference? It's just the origin, the formality or something else?
28 янв. 2016 г., 3:51
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Excerpts from "The core of the Korean vocabulary is made up of native Korean words. A significant proportion of the vocabulary, especially words that denote abstract ideas, are Sino-Korean words,[32] either directly borrowed from written Chinese, or coined in Korea or Japan using Chinese characters, The exact proportion of Sino-Korean vocabulary is a matter of debate. Sohn (2001) stated 50–60%.[32] Later, the same author (2006, p. 5) gives an even higher estimate of 65%.[28] Jeong Jae-do, one of the compilers of the dictionary Urimal Keun Sajeon, asserts that the proportion is not so high. He points out that Korean dictionaries compiled during the colonial period include many unused Sino-Korean words. In his estimation, the proportion of native Korean vocabulary in the Korean language might be as high as 70%.[33]" 순수어(Pure Korean vocab): 사다, 값, 보내다, 팔다 한자어(Borrowed or coined):구매(購買)하다, 가격(價格), 배송(配送)하다, 판매(販賣)하다 제품(製品): Factories produce 제품. (製: to produce 品: things) 상품(商品): Dealers sell 상품, the customers buy 상품. (商: to deal 品: things) * Korean-Korean dictionary Portuguese<->Korean dictionary Vamos?(sh... 히우 디 자네이루 발음으로 ^^)
28 января 2016 г.
Rafaella Rubens
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