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Colloquial equivalents I need to list several new words in Arabic. I'd like to learn the colloquial words, but standard is fine, if it's commonly used. It would be great if I could get several regions to write their input, too! Here are the words I'm interested in: military/armed forces awards salute (the act - arm raised, etc.) uniforms deployment Obviously, there's a theme. If you'd like to give me any other useful words, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!!
Jan 28, 2016 5:52 AM
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Kelsey, I'll write them first in MSA, and in my accent after the slash: 1. Military/armed forces: القوات المُسلّحة/ الجيش 2. Awards: الجوائز/ الجوائز 3. Salute (the act - arm raised, etc.): أداء التحية العسكرية/ أداء التحية العسكرية 4. Uniforms: الزي الرسمي/ الزي الرسمي 5. Deployment: إنتشار الجند/ إنتشار الجند Obviously in my country we call most of them the same as in Modern Standard Arabic, except for the first one, because usually we call the "armed forces": الجيش. I also want to add that "awards" has many meanings, so it would be much better if you give me the context, and I'll give you the meaning you need. Good luck.
January 28, 2016
In standard Arabic : The military : الجيش Awards : جوائز Salute : تحيّة Uniform : زِيّ موَحّد Deployment :نشر القوات Do you want to know them in the Tunisian Dialect ?
January 28, 2016
Everyone gave you good words. Since these are more formal, there are fewer differences in the dialects. Just remember that if there is a ج, Egyptians will say it as a hard G sound. So army is Gaysh while in Syria, for example, it would be Jaysh with a J sound. Egyptians also often pronounce the ق as a ء but that is NOT so for the word القوات....they still pronounce the ق in this word. Check out this website for other military vocabulary: Another related word is: عسكري. It is the adjective form for military so you could say الزي العسكري to mean a military uniform
January 29, 2016
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