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你们好,我有问题。 庆祝 and 过 both mean celebrate ?
Jan 28, 2016 11:03 AM
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过and庆祝are not the same. I think 庆祝is closer to the meaning of celebrate, which means we do some activities together for a happy thing. But 过means to pass or spend the special days as we are supposed to, no matter a happy day or sorrowful day. So only for a happy days, 过 and 庆祝 can both be used. Like 过/庆祝生日,过/庆祝春节,过/庆祝圣诞节,过/庆祝结婚纪念日。 The following phrases are not interchangeable: 庆祝比赛胜利(victory of a match),庆祝他的成功(his success)(过X) 过清明节(Tomb Sweeping Day),过周年(one year after a person's death)(庆祝X)
January 28, 2016
Hi! Definitely wait for a native speaker, but I'd say yes. Here's my 5 cents: -There's occasions in which 过 can only be translated by "celebrate": 我平常不过生日的 or 今年回家过年吗? -庆祝 sounds slightly more formal to me. I would ask a friend to 陪我过生日 but asking them to 陪我庆祝我的生日 sounds stilted to me, or as if I'm attaching too much importance to my birthday. It'd be great if a native speaker could confirm On a different note, I think the title of your question should be 我有个问题 or 我有问题要请教大家etc. If you say 我有问题 I think it's likely to be read as "there's something wrong with me". Like when you say 你有问题吗!? Hope it helps!
January 28, 2016
“庆祝” is a formal usage and this word indicates that you are happy and you would like to celebrate a festival, a memorable day or an anniversary etc.“过” is similar to“pass,go through”,for example:过桥,过河etc;“过节“中的”过“只是描述一种经历,比较平淡。 You can say"庆祝结婚纪念日",but you'd better not say"过结婚纪念日"。
February 1, 2016
庆祝 = celebrate 过 = pass, spend
January 29, 2016
January 28, 2016
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