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What is your level in the english language? 1.Elementary 2.Basic or Low-intermediate. 3.Intermediate 4.Upper-intermediate 5.Advanced 6.You are native speaker.
Oct 12, 2008 11:31 AM
Answers · 5
level 3 , maybe lower or higher . haha , I don' know , It's up to u . English 's also the communication language in the world , .............. so i don't care and try to think much about my level or not . I'm not the native speaker and I just learn English to improve myself and help me to study at school . Moreover , it's recently make me interested to make friend , to travel around the world , exactly in ASEAN ^^
October 12, 2008
I am a native speaker (English) and what about yourself? Norman
October 12, 2008
upper intermediate in standard English but basic in the british one
October 15, 2008
well i have diploma of one year
October 12, 2008
speaking---2,but trying to---4 writing & listening---3 reading---4
October 12, 2008
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