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Present Perfect Simple 1) Do you ever go swimming? No, these days. I haven't been swimming for a long time. (Is it the Present Perfect Simple not Continious?) Because, when we say "I haven't done something since/for we use the Present Perfect Simple. So 'swimming' is the gerund? 2) Are you waiting for me? Yes I have been waiting for the last half hour. (Present Perfect Continuous) (the emphasis on "been waiting" - the process) Can I answer this question in Present Perfect Simple? -- Yes I have waited for the last half hour. (the emphasis on "have waited" - the result) Thanks very much for help!
Jan 28, 2016 7:20 PM
Answers · 2
Good question. 1. I go swimming / I have gone swimming - the general activity of swimming I am swimming / I have been swimming - the precise action of swimming 2. Present perfect cont. is the better tense for the answer to your question, especially if you are still waiting. I would not consider that duration e.g. of the waiting refers to the result, but rather gives more information about the activity. The emphasis is still on the activity. If you decide to stop waiting now, then you could say e.g. "I have waited too long - I am going home now." It's a result in the sense that it continued to the present (but no further).
January 28, 2016
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