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at sea I find it quite confusing to know whether to use the article or not and what preposition is correct in I am at sea The boat sailed on the sea/ across the sea I float on the sea Could I learn that " on the is the most frequently used? Thanks
Jan 28, 2016 9:41 PM
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I agree with Michael about usage. He doesn't seem to have mentioned articles though so here are my thoughts: "I am at sea" is right but you wouldn't ever say "I am at the sea" "I am at the seaside" (meaning the beach) is right, but "I am at seaside" is wrong "We sailed across the sea" needs an article "I lived overseas" (meaning in another country) never has an article and it's all one word "The bird flew over the sea" takes an article. "The raft floats on the sea" takes an article Towns that are near the coast are often called things like "Clacton on Sea", never "Clacton on the Sea" I'll just add that there is an expression "I'm all at sea", meaning "I'm very confiused and don't know what to do" which might be how you're feeling as you read this and see how random it all is. Sorry. I wish there was an easy way to remember it but I can't think of one, I'm afraid!
January 28, 2016
"Your father is a sailor. Where is he now? He is at sea." [He is working offshore. He is not on the land.] "The boat sailed on the sea." This is good. The sea is a surface. The boat is located on this surface. "The boat sailed across the sea." The boat made a full journey on the sea, crossing the sea, from one coast to another e.g. from Dover to Calais. However, if the boat sailed from Dover to Folkestone (two ports on the same coast), it would sail "along the coast".
January 28, 2016
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