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I can't hear some part of sentences. Hey, Recently I've been learning English by watching TV shows and movies with English subtitles, and I'm watching Modern family. Anyway, there are these lines, "Why are you guys yelling at us, when we're way upstairs, just text me". Those lines are pretty confusing, because I can't hear "when we're". I can hear some sound, but It doesn't clearly sound like it. It sounds a little silly though, should I keep going or stop and try to hear that clearly?
29 Th01 2016 08:56
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One of the things about watching subtitled programs is that just like interpreting a language what is said and how is up to the subtitler to decide. The subtitler has to convey the meaning and not necessarily what was actually said. The people in the program may not say ""when we're" even though it is correct speech,since they are speaking casually and a native speaker would know the information was implied, but the subtitler put it in the subtitles to make sure what was actually meant is clear to a non-native speaker. I would suggest finding the same episode on youtube or other site subbed in a language you know to see the difference in what subtitlers chose to use in that particular scene.
29 tháng 1 năm 2016
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