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Correct choice of words and sentence structure? Hello, would you be able to correct my paragraph? Thank you! 我有新汉字:婆婆。 我说了我的婆婆。本星期,我说了他电话上。他山下漫步了和倒了。他摔断了胳膊。无帮了他,而他散步家一个人。今天他胳膊疗伤。我非常快乐他狠好。
Jan 29, 2016 8:04 PM
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I am not a Chinese native speaker, so there might be some mistakes in my sentences, but I do have some suggestions for you, because the way you put it, it is quite difficult to understand. And corrections by Chinese native speakers are greatly appreciated. 我学过新的汉子:婆婆 I have learnt a new Chinese character: popo -> This character can have several meanings and it is more common to use it for referring to one's mother-in-law, rather than to your grandmother. The paternal grandmother is mostly called 奶奶(nainai) and the maternal grandmother 外婆(waipo) or 姥姥(laolao). 我要谈谈我的婆婆。I want to talk about my grandmother. 谈谈=talk about 这个星期我跟她打电话了。This week I talked to her over the phone. 这个星期is more common. 她means "she".跟...打电话= talk with someone on the phone 她下山的时候摔倒了。When she descended a mountain, she slippend and fell. 下山=descend mountain, 的时候=when, 摔倒=slip and fall 和can only be used to connect two nouns but not two verbs or two sentences. 她把手臂摔断了。She broke her arm by falling. 因为没有人帮助她,所以她一个人回家了。Because there was nobody helping her, she went home alone. 今天她的手臂已经好了。Today her arm is already healed (good)。 我非常高兴她的身体好了。I am very glad, that she is feeling better (her body is better) 快乐has more the meaning of "merry"
January 29, 2016
我这个星期给婆婆打电话了。- I spoke to my grandma on the phone this week. (She walked up a mountain by herself and she hurt her arm - is that what you were trying to say?) 很 = very 他 = he, 她 = she
January 29, 2016
应该改为:很好。 If you have any Mandarin questions, you can ask me for help
November 24, 2018
Best if you post this in the note section so that you can see easily the corrections. I learned a new word: mother-in-law. 我学了一句新字 - 婆婆 I talked to my mother-in-law. Last week, I called her on the telephone. More natural to combine these two sentences in Chinese. 上个星期跟婆婆通电话. She had been walking down the mountain and fell down. She broke her arm. 在山[脚]漫/散步时下率倒了, 断了手臂. There was no one around to help her so she had to walk home by herself. 附近沒有人, (as opposed to no one helps her even there are people around)不能帮她而独自一人走回家 Now her arm is healing well. 現在手臂愈合良好 I am very happy she is okay 我很高兴她平安无事, "literally safe and no problem".
January 30, 2016
我学了一个新的词语:婆婆( is equal to 岳母 yuemu) 我和我的婆婆聊了聊。 I talked to my mother in law. 上周,我给她打了电话,I called her on the telephone. 她告诉我 She told me that, 她下山的时候摔倒了。she had been walking down the mountain and fell down. 她把手臂摔伤了( is equal to 她摔伤了手臂)She broke her arm. (她把手臂摔断了 is correct in grammar,but doesn't conform to the actual. When you arm brake into two parts, how can you walk alone?) 不过, However, 在那时她身旁没有任何人。There was no one. ( 她身旁没有人来帮助她 I think this sentence has two meanings: 1.There are people ,but the people don't help her. 2. There is no noe.) 所以她只能自己走回家。 so she had to walk home by herself. (You use 散步 there is not suitable, 散步 is usually refer to a relaxing walk. EX 吃完晚饭,他在院子里散步。 After having supper, he went for a walk. *现在她手臂上的伤已经痊愈。(她的手臂已经好了is more common) Now her arm is healing well. *我很开心她的手臂已经好。 I am very happy she is okay. *This two sentences can write in a easier way 现在她的手臂已经好了,对此我感到很开心(is equal to 高兴)。
January 30, 2016
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