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Saeid Oloumi
What do you think about Russians & their country Russia?
Jan 29, 2016 9:08 PM
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I recently went to Moscow and I found Russia to be very interesting. A lot of what has been portrayed on the media about Russia (i.e. xenophobic, homophobic and extreme politics) is all a fabricated lie. Whilst I am sure these people do exist in Russia, they are a VERY SMALL minority of the country. Most Russians are just like everyone else: they get on with their own lives doing the things they enjoy. Russians also appear to have a tough exterior but I don't think this is true either. The harsh weather conditions means that they probably don't go out as much as people who live in warmer climates do, but Russians are welcoming and they will always try to do good. I have a had only positive experiences of Russia and the Russian people, very unlike how it is portrayed in the media.
January 29, 2016
Russia is primarily a multinational country! Russia is different. It all depends on what part of Russia you are. Each piece of Russia settled their people with their traditions, culture and language. There are small nations, who number no more than 100 people. There are numerous nations, who number several million. Everyone has an opinion about homosexuality. Someone approves someone does not approve of, someone refrains from comments. Love can not be banned. And all of us is well aware about it. We can not say: I allow a man and woman love each other, but forbid a woman to love a woman. That would be foolish. Also, our government and our religion is closely linked. Religion forbids such relationships. If the government would openly support homosexuality in our country, as was done in America, it might offend religious people or people who are against such a relationship. To respect the opinion of each person, human desires and views, and there is taking care of every person. I think a lot of it is misunderstood. We have a beautiful nature, a lot of beautiful cities and pleasant people. But you can also find stupid, rude and ignorant people =) Russia is not only Moscow and St. Petersburg. It also Kalmykia, Sakhalin, Vladivostok, Kazan, Buryatia, Karelia, and others. More than 80 entities are a part of our country
January 30, 2016
February 2, 2016
Saeid Oloumi
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