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Can I use the Spanish present to talk about the future? Hi everyone, I would like to know if its correct to use the present continuous in Spanish to talk about something that will happen in the future, like we can in English. For example, in English we can ask, "What are you doing tonight? Are you working?" Can I use the same structure in Spanish and ask, "¿Que estás haciendo esta noche? ¿Estás trabajando?" Does this make any sense at all? Or would I have to use the future tense instead. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jan 29, 2016 10:36 PM
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Thank you so much everyone! That was such a great help and exactly what I was looking for. It is all much clearer now. I really appreciate all of your help!
January 30, 2016
Hi Jill, Using your example: What are you doing tonight? Are you working? To me sound like that in Spanish: "¿Que estaras haciendo esta noche? ¿Estaras trabajando?" That's not grammatically exactly with your question in English, but that's sounds good to me in Spanish. If you will use "Estaras" Then We are talking about someone will be in the future. As a English learner I would like to improve my English practicing with native people. If you want, You could practice your Spanish with me too. Greetings from Lima-Peru
January 29, 2016
Hi Jill To talk about the future, you can use the present simple tense or the future tense. However, it seems like you want to express actions that will take place in the near future. To express actions that take place in the near future it is preferable to use the present simple tense or the future with "ir a". Example: 1) Mañana vamos a la playa= Mañana vamos a ir a la playa. 2) La próxima semana tengo examen de matemáticas. = La próxima semana voy a tener examen de matemáticas. 3) Esta noche trabajo hasta las 11 pm. = Esta noche voy a trabajar hasta las 11 pm. You can also use the simple future tense to talk about actions taking place in the near future. Example: Esta noche trabajaré hasta las 11 pm. Even though this doesn't sound weird at all, it is not as commonly used as the other grammar structures suggested above. But do not use the present progressive/continuous to talk about actions taking place in the future. Example: Esta noche estoy trabajando hasta las 11pm. Hmm... this doesn't sound correct. :) Hope you find this helpful. Gabriela
January 29, 2016
Hi :D Yeah you can use it, it is correct, but I think it doesn't sound natural, the best way it is using the future: What will you do tonight? = ¿qué vas a hacer esta noche? Will you work? = ¿Trabajarás?
January 29, 2016
Hi Jill! No, isn't the same in Spanish. You can say: " Qué vas a hacer esta noche? Trabajás?" if you don't want to use the future tense. You can translate that to English like this: " What are you going to do tonight? do you work?" Or " Qué hacés esta noche?" ( present) like "What are you doing tonight?" I hope that my reply has been clear. Best wishes Sofía.
January 29, 2016
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