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Why is it difficult to find? Hello everyone! I'm studying Finnish, I like this language, but unfortunately is very difficult to find a native speaker that want to help. I would like to ask you, the language that you want to learn is difficult to find some native speaker that want to help you? If someone want to learn your language, do you help? Thanks
Oct 12, 2008 3:24 PM
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I've a friend and Finnish is his native. I'll ask him to help you out ;)
October 12, 2008
well.... what can i say ?? at least i try to teach something in my on language if someone ask it to me.... even i try to explain differences inside of my country, about the language, culture...etc .....
October 15, 2008
haha`!yeah~! sometimes really hard to find it wel..if somebody want to learn chinese,, i will very happy to teach them~! :D
October 13, 2008
Hello. Well, I recognize your problem. In most of the cases, people have problems in teaching other people their language, because they don't know their own grammar. Native people don't think of it. Some languages doesn't even have a regular system to lean back to. Sometimes when I think of Swedish, it's kind of frustrating that it barely has a regular grammar. Nevertheless, I try to help people with translating and so on, but when it comes to grammar in Swedish, it's tough! Message me whenever you need help, Saïd.
October 12, 2008
I think all the Finns moved to someplace warmer. The entire country of Finland is empty. Try your luck with Hungarian or Estonian. They're related to Finnish.
October 12, 2008
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