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Pavel 77
About " to square away". I'd like to ask about the meaning " to square away" in this sentence : " We squared away and ran for it". I can't catch the meaning of the action they've done. It's from this : On the morning of the third day, shortly after eight bells, a cry that the boat was sighted came down from Smoke at the masthead. All hands lined the rail. A snappy breeze was blowing from the west, with the promise of more wind behind it; and there, to leeward, in the troubled silver of the rising sun, appeared and disappeared a black speck. We squared away and ran for it. Could you explain the meaning? Thank you in advance!
Jan 30, 2016 2:31 PM
Answers · 2
From the context you provided, this is referring to a maneuver performed on the ship's sails to bring them into a certain position relative to the current wind direction. More generally, the term "squared away" can mean to organize or put into order. Ex. (Before leaving, he took some time to tidy the apartment to make sure everything was squared away.)
January 30, 2016
Pavel 77
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