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What does a clearcut means? Parts of Washington and Oregon have been clearcut to greater degree than comparable areas of Brazil and Indonesia. I didn't get "clearcut": in the sentence, did it synonym of "sharply defined" and "easy to perceive or understand"? I also confused of "degree" in the sentence, What degree did it means? .
Jan 30, 2016 2:47 PM
Answers · 5
"Clearcut" has multiple meanings. In this context, it means "to cut down all the trees within an area, leaving the area completely clear." If an area is clearcut, it means that the area used to be a forest, but now all the trees have been cut down and there is nothing left behind. "Degree" in this context means "amount". Think of a thermometer, which is measured in degrees. The greater the degree, the hotter the temperature. Anything that can be measured by a number can be referred to as a degree-- not mathematically, but as an expression. In this case, the area of land that has been clearcut is a number, and so the writer can say "greater degree".
January 30, 2016
it means in this sentence: clear cut all of the forest or trees leaving the land totally bare, it is a no sustainable practice, often causing desertification of the land, with out any tress left to reseed the land the forest never returns, and the land becomes lifeless
January 30, 2016
degree in this case means more then, meaning larger areas have had all of there trees cut down then in Brazil and Indonesia, in comparison.
January 30, 2016
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