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How to identify whether uncountable nouns is singular or plural? Would life on this planet change even if life were discovered elsewhere in the universe? or Would life on this planet changes even if life were discovered elsewhere in the universe? From I got this explanations Most uncountable nouns are singular in number, for example -Practice makes the man perfect. (NOT Practice make the man perfect.) Uncountable nouns are often treated as countables if we are talking about different kinds of material, liquid etc. - Most washing powders are not very kind to your hands. I couldn’t finish the report because I didn’t get enough time. (uncountable) Some uncountable nouns are plural. They have no singular forms with the same meaning, and cannot be used with numbers. Common examples are: groceries, arms, remains, goods, customs, clothes, thanks, regards, police etc. - The police are searching for a white man in his twenties.
Jan 31, 2016 12:08 AM
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Hi Ruslan, The issue in your statement is not about countable or uncountable nouns, but about verbs. Whenever you have 'would' you always say 'change', never 'changes' I would change, you would change, he would change, she would change, we would change, you (pl) would change, they would change. Would life (singular) on this planet change? Would my behavior change? Would the rules of the game change? 'change' for all You have a modal verb, which is followed by the base form of the verb. Would, could, should, might, can are all modals that take the base form after them. The base form is the same as in the infinitive 'to change' 'change' I hope this helps
January 31, 2016
Regarding uncountable nouns, use a singular verb with them unless you are using them as countable with an s at the end. One notable exception is 'people', which takes a plural verb. "People like this park." (Not 'likes', even though 'people' looks singular) This is unusual. Usually a singular uncountable word takes a singular verb. Examples: Information - "The information I got is very useful" Advice - "Can you give me some advice? Thank you, the advice you gave me is very useful" Software - "New software is necessary for our new project. Find us a good software program" Rice - "Steamed rice is usually cooked in a rice cooker"
January 31, 2016
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