Is any differences between "bring it in" and "bring it on" in sports?
31 gen 2016 01:18
Answers · 2
Hey man! "Bring it in" is like this: So before the game the whole team comes together for a "huddle". Every one is in a circle and then you put your hands in the middle and say, "One two three... (team name)!" Sometimes a coach says, "bring it in" which means, "Okay, come together. Let's talk". "Bring it on" means, "Give me the challenge. Bring the challenge. I am ready."
31 gennaio 2016
There's a huge difference. "Bring it on" is a taunt, something you'd say to anger your opponent. It sounds like you think you're better than them. Bring it in is something to you'd say to get all your temates together, like for a huddle or something. "Bring it on" is kind of cliché tho.
31 gennaio 2016
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